Let it snow! Crazy weather leads to some insane action

The NFL world got dumped into a snow globe on Sunday.

Sunday made for a snowy day in the NFL, with inclement weather impacting several games around the league. But no one got it worse than Philadelphia, where blizzard-like snowfall made even the simplest task a problem (at least for the first half).

I mean, you try catching a ball in this:

…or watching a game in this:

It was coming down as fast as the leaf blowers could clear the yard lines:

And even the blowers didn’€™t help all that much:

Molly McGrath busted out the ruler and reported that some parts of the field had as much as eight inches of snow:

Calvin Johnson said that sounds about right:

It made kickoff prep an adventure:

But finally, Jeremy Ross figured it out on this 58-yard punt return:

…which he celebrated, of course, by making a snow angel:

Then he returned a kickoff 98 yards for a score, too:

That play sparked a flurry of offense in the fourth quarter:

Of course, the snow wasn’€™t contained to Philadelphia. The weather wasn’€™t great in Baltimore, either, where the Ravens hosted the Vikings and a teeny-tiny snowman on the sideline:

Some players found clothing to be more necessary than others:

It certainly didn’€™t stop Joe Flacco from getting his scramble on:

It also didn’€™t slow down the snow plows:

The snow at that game may not have been directly to blame for Adrian Peterson’s injury against the Ravens, but it certainly didn’t help:

Interestingly enough, about 40 miles south in Landover, Md., conditions were still a little snowy, but much more agreeable — and players for both the Chiefs and Redskins took advantage:

It was frigid in Green Bay, with temperatures hovering around 10 degrees, but not especially snowy:

"Richie Incognito" and "Jonathan Martin" braved the elements in Pittsburgh to watch Steelers-Dolphins:

There, the Steelers tried to re-create the Iron Bowl ending in the snow:

It was snowing outside in Cincinnati:

But tarps inside kept the playing surface mostly snow-free:

Meanwhile, in Tampa, it was 85 and sunny: