Larry Fitzgerald pleading case for AP to finish with Minnesota

Larry Fitzgerald wants Adrian Peterson to be allowed to retire as a Viking

Arizona Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald says Adrian Peterson deserves to finish out his career with the Minnesota Vikings. Fitzgerald grew up a Vikings fan and once had a job as a ball boy for the team. He is a friend of Peterson.

Fitzgerald made his case during an appearance at Super Bowl LI.

“I hope he’s able to work something out and stay in Minnesota because when you think of Adrian Peterson, he is synonymous with the Minnesota Vikings,’’ “With what he’s been able to accomplish over his illustrious career, he’s a hall of famer, and he deserves to be able to play with one team his whole career.’’

Adrian Peterson is currently under contract with Minnesota for 2017 for $18 million, however he is not expected to play for that amount. He will either sign a new deal or become a free agent for the first time in his pro career.

Peterson told ESPN, that if he can’t reach a deal with Minnesota that he wants to play for the New York Giants, Houston or Tampa Bay. Fitzgerald said he would not be recruiting him to Arizona, because the Cardinals are set at running back with David Johnson, who rushed for 1,239 in the 2016 season.

Fitzgerald said the Vikings should take into consideration what the star running back has done for the franchise. Peterson suffered an injury in Week 2 but managed to come back for Week 15.

“I hope that the fans of Minnesota can appreciate what he’s done and the sacrifices he’s made,’’ Fitzgerald said. “The man came back from an injury that it takes most people six months to come back from. That’s the kind of mentality and mind-set this man has, and that needs to be commended.’’

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