Kurt Warner is helping to turn around Colin Kaepernick

Kurt Warner is helping Colin Kaepernick regain some zip on the ball.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers fans may not have the fondest feelings for Kurt Warner, who played for two division rivals during his NFL career, but if he’s able to turn Colin Kaepernick‘s game around this offseason they might be willing to forget all about that.

Warner has been working with Kaepernick over the last couple of months and word on the street is that it’s starting to show. According to a report by Jim Corbett of USA Today, Warner had Kaepernick throwing at his annual charity flag football tournament recently and Kaepernick demonstrated that he’s made some strides with his touch:

We had some guys come out from the office playing in my corporate charity event, and there were a couple of times where I went, ‘Whoa! Was that a little bit of touch I just saw? The situation forced him to throw with a little more touch. He couldn’t throw it as hard as maybe he wanted to with those corporate guys. So we’ve seen strides being made…”

This should come as great news for Niners fans, who have had a rough go of it the last few months.

There’s no doubt that Kaepernick has the arm strength and athleticism to be a great quarterback. If he’s able to pick up the more subtle parts of the position (reads, touch) then there’s no reason he can’t be one of the best.

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