Kirk Cousins and Super Bowl LI: “My heart says go with the Falcons”

Washington Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins didn’t mince words Friday morning on Fox and Friends when he talked about his pick for the winner of Super Bowl LI.  He’s for the Atlanta Falcons.

“I have a lot of friends on the Falcons, former coaches, teammates, roommates, ” he told Brian Kilmeade. “I’m really cheering for the Falcons. My heart says to go with the Falcons. My head says to go with the Patriots with all their success, but I’m going to pick the Falcons in a tight one.”
Kilmeade was also able to slide in a question about Cousins’ future with the Redskins. Cousins stayed center on his answers. He did reveal the journey has been a pleasant surprise.
“I really didn’t. If anything I thought I’d be traded and go somewhere else,” he said. “I’m leaving a dream. Shocked that I’m still in Washington but it’s been a great experience for me and hopefully I can be there a long time to come.”  Cousins didn’t seemed worried. Speaking about the franchise tag or a long-term contract he said, “Time will tell, maybe both,” he said. “I  might get franchised, but hopefully work out a long -term deal. March 1st would be the first day when I would get tagged so that will be a very telling date.”
The interview started out about the this year’s Puppy Bowl. It appears the Kirk Cousins contract is great conversation everywhere he goes. We learn a little more about where he wants to be and how he wants to get there when he speaks. Again, Cousins knows everyone is watching. He knows that when he’s on TV other teams are watching. March is right around the corner, so speaking reckless could make the difference in millions of dollars. The suspense is thrilling, and worrisome at the same time. He deserves a contract, but how much? Only time will tell.

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