Keyshawn Johnson advises Jets to completely start over

Even former wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson has recently chimed in on the disaster of a season so far by the New York Jets. Johnson wants the team to completely start over.

The New York Jets, 3-5 so far this season, have been a complete and utter disaster. From injuries racking up, the inability to score touchdowns, and now major coaching problems in adjusting, have led this team to major disappointment this season. It’s to the point where fans are growing restless with the direction the team is heading in as 2016 will be remembered as a failure of a season compared to what was accomplished in 2015.

As per Rich Cimini of, former wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson had some strong statements as to what the Jets really need to do to fix this mess. Here’s what he had to say:

“They need to blow that thing up,” Johnson said Tuesday on ESPN New York radio. “It’s not plug and play. Everybody thinks, ‘Oh, we just need a quarterback because we’ve got Brandon Marshall.’ Man, Brandon Marshall is as old as me. His time is coming where he has to leave. [Eric] Decker’s time is coming.

Honestly speaking, it’s hard not to agree with what Johnson said. The Jets need to get younger all across the team and actually put faith in others besides their savvy veterans. The best teams in the NFL always have a good amount of veterans as leaders across the team but also aren’t afraid to put their youngsters in starting positions to succeed.

The truth of the matter is, the Jets need to start following the trends across the league and continue to build a roster around draft picks. Expectations of winning can’t be achievable if they have veterans past their prime taking up the majority of reps when future players need the experience to hone their craft.

General manager Mike Maccagnan has a knack for finding good talent but as of late, his decisions for this season have left many scratching their heads. Even if it requires another year or two of rebuilding, it’s best to lay out a plan of adding talented youth to key areas of opportunity across the team and build a culture of coaching/training them towards success.

Overall, Johnson hit the nail right on the head. By the looks of it, the Jets will more than likely end this season at the very bottom of the AFC East and secure a top ten first-round draft pick next year. It’s time to replace old, unproductive players and put in younger players that are more motivated to do whatever it takes to win.

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