Kevin Hogan may soon add his name to list of Browns starting QBs

The Cleveland Browns recently signed rookie quarterback Kevin Hogan from the practice squad, making him a likely candidate to start a game this season.

The Cleveland Browns are dealing with so much uncertainty at the quarterback position, tweets like this are posted.

When a team’s best receiver is shown throwing passes in practice, something has gone terribly wrong. It is a bit different with Terrelle Pryor, but this is still not a great sign.

The tweet shows Pryor, Cody Kessler, Josh McCown and the newly signed Kevin Hogan, the rookie out of Stanford, all preparing to potentially play quarterback this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. Pryor is not an option to start, and Hogan may not be ready to go this Sunday. But that does not mean a potential NFL debut is too far away.

Both Kessler and McCown are not at 100 percent. Kessler is more hurt than injured, making him the more likely starter compared to McCown, who is just four weeks removed from fracturing his collarbone.

No one wants to predict injuries, but at the current rate the team has gone through quarterbacks, the likelihood of both Kessler and McCown finishing the season without any more injuries is remote at best. That leaves Hogan, who would become the second rookie quarterback to make his NFL debut for the Browns in 2016.

Hogan, who was drafted this year in the fifth round and then cut by the Kansas City Chiefs, seemed like a good signing when the Browns got him earlier this season. He was on the practice squad, where he was able to learn the offense and develop as a quarterback. It didn’t mean he was ready to start, but it was something that could be possible a year or two down the line, if the team retains him.

But now, Hogan is on the main roster and potentially slated to be the backup this week if McCown decides he should only be used in an emergency situation.

The likelihood of even the Week 6 starter finishing the game keeps diminishing with the news that Joel Bitonio will miss some time with a foot injury.

No matter who his replacement is, the constant turnover on the offensive line does not bode well for the health of the quarterbacks. Hogan would surely love a chance to start in the NFL, but it may be a short season if the line is unable to protect him.

A starting quarterback for Sunday’s game should be named Thursday, and Hogan will likely not be the player selected. But his name is certainly in the mix for the rest of the season, when the injuries likely continue to pile up.

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