Ken Stabler indirectly influenced Derek Carr’s football upbringing

The current Raiders quarterback never had the chance to meet his team’s most storied passer.

Ken Stabler was a big part of Derek Carr’s football upbringing, though. Carr’s uncle, Lon Boyett, played with "The Snake" from 1977-78 and gushed about his talents.

"My uncle caught passes from him when he played," Carr told the Fresno Bee, "So there was some background there."

The connection runs a little deeper that jersey colors. Carr’s said his father Rodger was a huge Stabler supporter in his day. Carr certainly heard stories of his own growing up in Bakersfield, Calif.

"He was such a competitor," he said. "Anytime when someone who wore the same helmet and uniform as we did … it stinks when something like that happens"

Carr never crossed paths with Stabler in his first NFL season, but still felt compelled to comment on the franchise’s huge loss.

(h/t San Jose Mercury News)