Keenum on the Rams: ‘I’m glad they brought me back’

Case Keenum is happy to be back in St. Louis.

Kim Klement/Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Case Keenum is happy to be back in St. Louis and hopes this move can be a permanent one. 

Keenum started the 2014 season with the Texans before being released and signing with the Rams. He was then released by the Rams and went back to Houston to finish out the 2014 season. After an offseason trade, Keenum has settled back in with St. Louis and it is exactly where he wants to be. 

“Hopefully, this time it’s a little more permanent,” Keenum said, via The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I felt like we did some good stuff last season. I like them and I think they like me. I’m glad they brought me back.”

The day the deal was announced for Keenum to return to St. Louis was the same day St. Louis made the blockbuster trade for Nick Foles. 

“I knew my deal was coming because I’d already talked about it with coach (Jeff) Fisher,” said Keenum, 27. “It was pretty funny, really. When the news broke about a quarterback trade, my first thought was, ‘Cool,’ and then, just a few seconds later, it was ‘Oh, wow.’”

Keenum is excited to be a part of the Rams’ offseason program and get to know the receivers and build a rapport with the team. 

“Last year, coming in right at the start of the season, I was trying to get a feel for that week’s game plan and, at the same time, trying to get a feel for what everybody else had been learning from Day 1,” he said. “But now, I’m going through the installs, just like everybody else. Now’s the time you build chemistry with the guys. You can talk to a receiver after a play, making sure that the two of you are seeing the same things out there.

“And it’s always nice to get regular reps, not just the scout-team reps.”

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