Katie Nolan refutes Johnny Manziel’s I-was-with-my-dog assertion

When reports surfaced of Johnny Manziel’s supposed Las Vegas visit incognito, he apparently tried to use a photo of him with his dog to refute the reports. (This was before the news about his traffic ticket in Ohio.)


But dogged reporting by FS1’s Katie Nolan has busted open what can only be called Puppygate. (Though, as anyone who has ever had a new dog can tell you, a gate comes in awfully handy if you want to save your rugs from your puppy.)

In the above video from Wednesday night’s "Garbage Time," Nolan clearly shows that the recently posted Manziel-with-dog photo couldn’t have just been taken.

That is, unless Manziel has discovered a way to go back in time. And if he has, don’t you think there might be a thing or two he’d change?