Kansas City Chiefs: Should the Team Pursue Richard Sherman?

Should the Kansas City Chiefs make a run at cornerback Richard Sherman as the Seahawks are clearly looking to move him?

For the past two years the Kansas City Chiefs have finished just a few plays short of an AFC title shot. What if the difference in those games is another elite cornerback opposite Marcus Peters?

We know that Philip Gaines cannot be the answer after a dreadful 2016. Current starter Terrance Mitchell is really unknown at this point having played in only a few games. He played at a high level, but if the Chiefs put too much stock in him, he could turn into another Marcus Cooper. The draft has three to four corners that could start Week1. That also means using a first-round pick to get that player.

There is another option. Richard Sherman is on the market and everyone knows how he can impact a team. He has championship experience and knows how to play opposite another elite corner. His brashness and confidence could create a tandem that would have quarterbacks dreading the day they face Kansas City.

There is no question that Sherman is a player that can immediately boost a defense. Now, how much would it cost?

Reports have surfaced (per NFL.com) that the Seahawks want a high draft pick along with a very good player in exchange for the corner. That is just the asking price. It can be negotiated to a very good player and a middle pick, or a high pick and a good player. For the Chiefs, the best option is a high pick and a good player. The problem is, Seattle needs corner help and they likely won’t want Steven Nelson or Kenneth Acker. The “good” players the Chiefs can give up may not be appetizing to the Seahawks.

The Chiefs could use running back Charcandrick West and defensive lineman Allen Bailey. Running back is deep in this year’s draft and West would likely be relegated to third string if he stayed. The emergence of Chris Jones basically drops Bailey out of a starting role in 2017. If the Chiefs offered a second-round pick plus a conditional 2018 pick in the third-to-fifth-round range, then Bailey or West might do.

There are other teams that have already shown interest. The Chiefs cannot afford to fall further behind the Patriots in the AFC. The reality of the trade is a long shot, but if Sherman goes to New England or Oakland without the Chiefs making a serious push, that’s a problem.

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