There’s a seven percent chance the Chiefs don’t make the playoffs

Few teams are running harder than the Chiefs are into postseason play.
Cary Edmondson/Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

If the Chiefs playoff chances were on your grade school report card, you'd happily take it.

They've got a 92.8 percent chance of playing in the postseason, per ESPN Analytics. That's good for a solid A-minus these days.

Chiefs fans would grade their remaining schedule even higher in terms of favorabilty. K.C. won't play another opponent with more than five current wins all regular season.

It's why their chances to win out and finish an impressive 11-5 are at a league-high 35.9 percent. And when the Chiefs take on San Diego at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend, they'll carry an 83.1 percent win probability.

(h/t ESPN)

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