The Chiefs-Raiders kickoff was moved back to build playoff suspense

After a scheduling tweak, the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos will find out their playoff fates at around the same time on Sunday.
Kelley L Cox/Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City-bound fans will need to readjust their travel schedules next weekend.

After an NFL shift, the Kansas Chiefs will host the Oakland Raiders at 3:25 p.m. CT. Kickoff was originally slated for noon.

The move preserves some semblance of competitive balance within the division. The Chiefs can still win the division with a win and a Denver Broncos loss against the San Diego Chargers.

That game also starts at 3:35. The league figured it'd be unfair to fans if either team knew its playoff fate before the other, and adjusted accordingly.

It should make for one exciting three-hour span of AFC West football. Plan your Sunday accordingly.

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