The Kansas City Chiefs had the Texans right where they wanted them

In the immortal words of one of our greatest scholars: Boy, that escalated quickly.

The Kansas City Chiefs took down the Houston Texans on Sunday in a game featuring an absolutely, unequivocally, completely RIDICULOUS first half, capped by an epic Kansas City comeback.

At first blush, everything was coming up Houston. The scoring opened with the Titans getting about as wide open as you’ll ever see in the playoffs:

And that was just the start. The first two quarters saw everything from ludicrous fumbles to blocked punts:

The Texans led 21-0 in the first quarter after a muffed punt by the Chiefs, leaving the football world in collective shock:

But then, following a risky fake punt by the Texans, the Chiefs seemingly rose from the dead:

And in four minutes, Kansas City put 21 points up on the board:

A little special teams magic of their own helped the Chiefs turn the tide:

By the time Patrick Mahomes spurred the Chiefs to a 28-24 lead on four consecutive TD passes, this one felt all but over:

As the points kept flowing, the Chiefs channeled a man who knows a little something about stomping a mudhole in his opponents:


In the end, Chiefs fans had plenty to gloat about:

To the point that Kansas City ran out of celebratory fireworks:


The Chiefs will host the Tennessee Titans next week in the AFC Championship. The mood in Kansas City for now? Yeah, it’s something like this: