Chiefs miss the playoffs? It’s improbable — unless these things happen

Andy Reid has his Chiefs in prime playoff position. Unless...

The Chiefs have some pretty solid odds of making this season a playoff-clinching one.

That won’t be good enough to assuage the fears of their gloomiest fans. It’s been two decades since the team won a playoff game; they’ve come to expect a meltdown or two.

Here’s a few ways those Chiefs fans could live out their doomsday scenario:

1. Alex Smith goes down: Smith hasn’t epitomized game-changing quarterback play in 2015. But he’s exactly the steady influence Kansas City has needed on offense in Jamaal Charles’ absence. Knock Smith out and watch Chase Daniel zero in on his old college teammate Jeremy Maclin for four quarters.

2. Penalties catch up with them: The Chiefs have averaged eight backbreaking penalties in their last three games. Against a well-coached team like Baltimore (Dec. 20), that flaw could prove fatal. They’ll need to trim down on the laundry.

3. Johnny Football plays the game of his life: Kansas City should have a sizable edge in all four of its remaining games. But that doesn’t factor in the return of one Mr. Football, who squares off against K.C. on Dec. 27. He’ll be playing for his professional future against a banged up Chiefs defense. Stranger things have happened.

(h/t Arrowhead Addict)

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