Jedi master or coach? Chiefs rookie thinks The Force is strong with Andy Reid

Coach the Kansas City Chiefs or coach not. There is no try, Andy Reid.
Tommy Gilligan/Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Chris Conley knows a thing or two about the ways of The Force.

He’s a huge Star Wars fan. He directed his own fan-fiction film as a junior at Georgia. And, according to Conley, he’s being coached by a real-life Jedi master.

Via Robert Klemko of SI’s MMQB: "We have guys all around that the locker room that remind of you of different (Star Wars) characters. Coach (Andy) Reid … he always has jokes he’ll throw in here and there, so he reminds me of an older Yoda."

Yoda was 900 years old at the end of the original Star Wars trilogy. We see what you did there, Chris.

As for Conley’s other Chiefs teammates? The Force is strong with them, as well.

Conley: "I’d probably say that Travis Kelce is the Han Solo of the locker room, either him or J Mac (Jeremy Maclin). And then you have the Sith in the locker room would probably be the guys on the D-line, Justin Houston or Tamba Hali. I’d probably say Eric Berry is like Obi-Wan Kenobi."

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