The Kansas City Chiefs could join the ‘Slack off for Goff’ race

Chiefs fans might start clamoring for an offensive reboot. Cal's Jared Goff would be the quarterback to start one with.
Russell Isabella/Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs would pick fourth if the season ended today.

Teams like that have no choice but to target a franchise passer like Cal's Jared Goff — even if their current one has a major contract attached.

But Alex Smith has well-documented struggles that could cut his tenure short in K.C. His team could then choose to grab a player many scouts have compared to fellow Golden Bears product Aaron Rodgers.

Goff might not be Rodgers, but he's completing nearly 67 percent of his throws and is already approaching over 2,000 passing yards. His arm strength isn't a hinderance like Smith's is.

It's early, but at 1-5, landing him isn't a pipe dream. Their current competition for the 2016 top pick– the Lions, Ravens, and Jaguars — don't need a quarterback like Kansas City does.

(h/t ESPN)

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