Chiefs offering free pints for fans attending their London game

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs traveling to London for the Week 8 game against the Detroit Lions will get free beer for their continued support.
John Rieger/USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs already have been driving their fans to drink because of their 1-5 record.

Now, season ticket holders loyal enough to make the trek to England for their Week 8 game against the Lions on Nov. 1 can get free beer.

These drinks will be served on Oct. 30 at The Admiralty Pub in London’s Trafalgar Square, according to The Chiefs were hoping the free-beer window would be at night, but the Rugby World Cup is also going on and they couldn’t find a bar willing to let fans of this silly American sport get in the way of a sport that British people actually care about.

So instead, Chiefs fans get their free beer from 3-6 p.m. Which makes it like happy hour, even if Chiefs fans haven’t had much to be happy about this season.

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