Kansas City Chiefs 2017 schedule: Tough slate looms

The Kansas City Chiefs know all of their opponents for 2017, they simply don’t know the order of the games yet. Let’s look at the home and road slates.

Looking toward next year, we already know all of the foes who the Chiefs will both host and travel to face. It’s going to be a very interesting schedule, considering all of the primetime possibilities. Here are the games broken down by home and away, with analysis afterwards.

Home: Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia, Washington, Buffalo, Miami, Pittsburgh
Away: Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, Dallas, New York Giants, New England, New York Jets, Houston

After going 12-4,the Chiefs are going to have some primetime games. I would guess they see the Broncos and Raiders under the lights, and perhaps even the Steelers, Patriots and Cowboys. All of those games are in play. Hell, Kansas City might get Dallas on Thanksgiving.

My two cents on this schedule? The Chiefs could win all of their games at home. Frankly, anything less than 6-2 would be a disaster. Pittsburgh and Oakland are tough, but both are at home.

On the road, Dallas and New England are huge tests. Beyond that, the schedule isn’t insane. If Kansas City continues to get better, another 12-4 mark is certainly within reason.

Now, let’s address the rest of the division. The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos will play these same games, except swap the home and road slates (for example, Denver and Oakland get Dallas at home). The only other difference is that Oakland will play the second-place teams out of the AFC South and North, and Denver draws the third-place teams.

The Los Angeles Chargers will have the same home and road slates as Kansas City, while drawing the last-place teams out of the aforementioned divisions.

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