Kansas City Chiefs: 2017 Schedule Released

The Chiefs release their schedule for the 2017 season as they look to stay atop the AFC West.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a fairly remarkable 2016 season even if it ended poorly. For the first time in decades they swept the AFC West enroute to their first division title since 2010. The season was bookended by divisional foe San Diego. In Arrowhead, the contest was thrilling due to a 21-point comeback by the Chiefs starting late in the third quarter. In San Diego, the Chiefs handled the Chargers to find at the end of the game that they would be the AFC West champions.

Denver also provided thrills in the Mile High City with one of the best games of the season across the NFL. At home the Chiefs drubbed the Broncos and capped the win with an unlikely score. The Raiders stayed ahead in the division most of the season despite two losses to Kansas City. The second of which made Tyreek Hill a household name.

Outside of the division the Chiefs faced the struggling AFC South and the tough NFC South. Oddly enough it would be the AFC South that would give the Chiefs the most trouble. Close losses to Houston and Tennessee kept the team looking up at the Raiders in the standings. Tampa Bay also proved a thorn in the Chiefs’ side despite a raucous home crowd.

Eric Berry achieved hero status against Carolina and his home town Atlanta. While Drew Brees and the Saints found out just how hard it is to move the ball effectively in Arrowhead. Just ask former Jets’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick how difficult it can be to throw on this Chiefs’ defense. That defense was tested with the loss of Alex Smith in Indianapolis and at home against Jacksonville but they came through with the help of Nick Foles.

Finally the Pittsburgh Steelers sent a wakeup call to the Chiefs early in the season. It came in the form of a 43-14 shellacking in Heinz Field. The defense got the message and kept the Steelers out of the endzone in their playoff meeting this January. Unfortunately the offense never found a rhythm and fell two points short of tying the game with three minutes left in the fourth quarter.

So we move on to 2017. Here’s a look at the Kansas City Chiefs schedule for this upcoming season:

Can the team go undefeated within the division again? Will the AFC and NFC East be ready for a team on a mission? Is revenge on the menu when the Steelers come to town? September can’t come fast enough for Kansas City.

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