Jury deliberations set to begin in Aaron Hernandez double-murder trial

BOSTON — A prosecutor and a lawyer for ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez have finished their closing arguments in his double-murder trial.

Jurors are expected to begin deliberations late Thursday afternoon after the judge gives them instructions on the law.

In his final appeal to jurors, prosecutor Patrick Haggan said Hernandez gunned down two men in Boston in 2012 because he had “an illogical sense of being disrespected.” He said Hernandez became enraged after one of the men had accidentally bumped into Hernandez at a nightclub and spilled his drink.

In his closing argument, Hernandez’s lawyer called the state’s star witness the real killer. He said Alexander Bradley — a former friend of Hernandez’s — shot the men over a drug deal.

Hernandez is already serving a life sentence in another murder case.