Julius Thomas embraces fantasy football haters

Julius Thomas is expected to be a bust by many fantasy experts given his newfound home in Jacksonville.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

By Darren Hartwell

Yes, it’s only July, but the fantasy football chatter already has begun. And rather than block out the noise, Julius Thomas is embracing it.

The former Denver Broncos tight end has been one of the NFL’s biggest fantasy stars, emerging from relative obscurity to rack up 24 touchdowns over the last two seasons. Yet Thomas’ production slipped at the end of 2014 (66 receiving yards and zero TDs in his final three games), and now he is playing in Jacksonville which has many experts pegging Thomas as a potential bust.

What do you say to that, Julius?

To rephrase: Bring on the hate.

Of course, the haters have a point, as it’s reasonable to suspect Thomas won’t duplicate his fantastic stats catching passes from Blake Bortles.

Still, it’s pretty awesome to see the 27-year-old use this as bulletin board material, and the fact remains that he’s one of the most physically gifted tight ends in the game.

We’ll see, indeed.

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