Suit against Brady, Bundchen dismissed

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit by two photographers who said

they were shot at by bodyguards of New England Patriots quarterback

Tom Brady and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

The April 2009 incident occurred during a party in Costa Rica

celebrating the celebrity couple’s marriage two months earlier.

Photographers Yuri Cortez and Rolando Aviles and the news agency

Agence France Presse charged in the lawsuit that the guards shot at

the photographers and narrowly missed their heads.

The lawsuit originally was filed in federal court in New York

and then in Manhattan state Supreme Court.

Bundchen owned a Manhattan apartment before her marriage, but

Justice Judith Gische said in her ruling that the model had sold

the apartment by the time the lawsuit was filed in November 2009.

The judge’s ruling was made public Tuesday.

The judge said neither Brady nor Bundchen lives in New York and

the lawsuit against them does not belong in the state. She said the

matter “would be better adjudicated in Costa Rica.”

Attorney John Gleason, representing the photographers and AFP,

said the plaintiffs were studying the decision to see if there are

grounds to appeal to a higher court.

Gleason said the plaintiffs chose not to sue in Costa Rica

because the courts are too slow there.

“I was told it often takes 10 years for a civil case to be

concluded,” he said.

Brady has won three Super Bowls with the Patriots, and Forbes

magazine says Bundchen is the highest-paid model in the world. The

couple have said their main residence is in Massachusetts, where

they are raising their infant son, Benjamin.

An attorney for Brady and Bundchen did not immediately respond

to a telephone message seeking comment Wednesday.