Victor Cruz roasts Josh Norman for avoiding Antonio Brown: ‘He made his choice’

Those of us who expected an epic matchup between cornerback Josh Norman and wideout Antonio Brown were sorely disappointed Monday, as the Washington corner hardly lined up against his Steelers counterpart in Pittsburgh’s 38-16 win.

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz noticed Norman’s failure to cover his opponent’s No. 1 receiver, and Cruz isn’t about to let Norman off the hook.


The Giants and Norman obviously have a little bit of history. Last year, New York receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Norman got into it on the field, an altercation that ended in multiple flags, a fine for Norman and a one-game suspension for Beckham. The two continued their war over the summer, as Norman joined the Giants in the NFC East by signing with the Redskins.

If we had to guess how Norman will respond when reporters inform him of Cruz’s comments later this week — and if we know NFL reporters, that’s bound to happen — it will have something to do with the fact that Cruz missed all of last season, and Norman isn’t really concerned with the opinions of people who can’t stay on the field.

Of course, if the Giants as a team think that Norman is overrated, this is a solid gambit. Perhaps they can goad Washington into committing to Norman as the primary defender on Beckham when the teams meet for the first time Sept. 24 at MetLife Stadium. Then again, perhaps they should be careful what they wish for. Poking Norman could backfire in a big way.