With rumors and reports flying … WHERE WILL MANZIEL GO?

With less than 24 hours ’til the NFL Draft, Johnny Manziel’s name is on everyone’s lips.

The rumors and reports are flying around about who wants him, who doesn’t, and whether his stock is hot or not.

Who’s got the scoop? Which teams are putting up smoke screens? Let’s take a look at the latest draft drama.

Texans GM Rick Smith says he knows who he wants —€” but none of us do. He also says he’s open to trading the top pick. Will Houston do it?

Will Manziel stay in Texas? Owner Bob McNair reportedly is a big Johnny Football fan, just like LeBron, who said he wants Manziel to go No. 1 (and not No. 4 to LeBron’s hometown Browns).

And the Texans are in need of a starting QB, after Matt Schaub melted down and blew town. But other draft debate is centering on whether the Texans would take Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack over South Carolina star Jadeveon Clowney.

Sam Bradford’s injury sent St. Louis spiraling into the draft, but the Rams are sending the message that this still is his team.

MMQB’s Peter King suggested that they’d take him with the 13th pick if he fell that far. Could he? Reports that Manziel is slipping down the draft boards are making the rounds.

Manziel is the most NFL-ready QB in the draft, according to the Jags GM. And they sure need a QB after three seasons of Blaine Gabbert. But Manziel’s agent had to deny reports that Johnny doesn’t want the Jags to draft him. Bad sign.

Despite what you may have heard, the Browns will NOT draft Manziel at No. 4, according to FOX Sports’ own Jay Glazer. That’s good enough for us.

And contrary to some other reports, Glaze tweeted that Manziel has "flown up" draft boards. Just not to No. 4.

Not happening, according to Glazer.

Though the Raiders sure could use a QB after trading Terrelle Pryor and bringing in the declining Schaub.

Pretty unlikely, with $103 million committed to Matt Ryan. There’s still talk the Falcons might try to trade up –€” but for Manziel?

Lots of talk of the Bucs trading up to No. 2 to take Manziel. They could use a QB, after Josh Freeman’s meltdown left them with rookie Mike Glennon as last year’s starter. But Glazer says it’s not happening, even though Manziel is the top-rated QB in the draft, according to every team he’s talked to.

Another team in need of a QB, after enduring Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman last year, Minnesota has been reported as a front-runner to take Manziel. But the team is keeping its cards close to the vest.

Unlikely after the Bills used last year’s first-round pick on E.J. Manuel.

Also unlikely after the Lions committed $76 million to Matt Stafford.

A recent report claimed the Cowboys will figure out a way to get Manziel, and while there are reasons that would be awesome, and Cowboys fans out there already sporting Manziel jerseys, there are reasons why they shouldn’t draft Manziel, and Jason Garrett reminded us this week that Tony Romo is one of them.

Garrett actually chuckled as Jerry Jones answered questions this week about the Cowboys’ chances of drafting Manziel. Smoke screen? We’ll find out Thursday starting at 8 p.m. ET.

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