Ex-Texas A&M teammate Mike Evans: Johnny Manziel gave great speech at my wedding

Johnny Manziel is under severe scrutiny these days, thanks to a seemingly downward spiral from starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns to an expected release once the NFL calendar begins in March in the wake of a domestic violence investigation involving his former girlfriend — with his father also fearing Manziel may be suicidal.

We reported earlier this week that he made an appearance at the wedding of his former Texas A&M teammate and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans. TMZ caught up with the newlywed Evans this week and peppered him with questions about the beleaguered Manziel — and Evans revealed that Manziel not only showed up, but also was one of the groomsmen who gave a heartfelt speech to the gathering.

Here’s the back and forth from the brief exchange:

(on if Manziel was in a good place . . .) "He seemed good. He had a good time." (on any sage advice from Evans . . .) "Naw, I’ve got his back. That’s all he needs to know. (on if Manziel performed any best-man duties . . .) "He was a groomsman. My little brother was best man." (on if Manziel said any kind words at reception . . .) "He had one of the best speeches. He seemed good. I was just happy he was there." (on any Manziel liquor use at wedding . . .) "I was doing my own thing. I don’t know. That’s none of my business." (on Manziel’s NFL future . . .) "I hope he gets another shot. I think if he gets a chance, he’s an amazing talent, don’t get me wrong. It depends on where he ends up."

Can Manziel recover from all that’s happened publicly to tarnish his image and likely cost him his first NFL job? Much depends upon his behavior moving forward.