Earl Campbell thinks Johnny Manziel’s comeback story is possible with some help

It's widely expected the Browns will release Johnny Manziel on March 9.

David Richard/AP

The Cleveland Browns may be parting ways with Johnny Manziel, but not everyone is giving up on the former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback.


Earl Campbell, who won the Heisman in 1977, would be open to assisting Manziel regain his footing on and off the football field.

"We gotta get him some help," Campbell told ESPN. "I know everybody says that, but if you’ve never been there, how can you listen to someone? I think some former Heisman winners like myself, some Hall of Famers that have done it all, he should sit down and listen to what we have to say because we’ve been through it all."

Campbell understands the severity of Manziel’s issues but thinks he can still turn things around because of how young he is.

"I’m like everybody else that lives in Texas," Campbell said. "I’m disappointed, I’m upset a little bit. But I think at some point, you have to say everybody was that age at one time and we have to get back to what’s important. . . . I would tell him that I used to be 23 years old. At one point I had Texas in the palm of my hand as far as an athlete. At a very young age, my mother said it’s not so important what you do now, it’s what you do over your lifetime. Johnny’s gonna be just like me eventually. He’s going to sit down and have a chance to sit down and talk to people. Is he going to be remembered for [his problems] or is he going to be remembered for a guy that did like Von Miller. Got up off the carpet and did something about it."

Manziel, however, must be open to the help for any progress to occur. Ultimately, Manziel’s fate lies in his own hands.