Johnny Manziel gives update on his health, says he won’t quit drinking

Johnny Manziel’s professional life has been in a downward spiral since being unceremoniously released from the Cleveland Browns in March, and those close to him are more concerned with Manziel’s personal health than if he’ll ever play again in the NFL.

After Browns staff and other NFL players around the league have publicly called for Manziel to seek help dealing with his off-field issues, Manziel’s own father labeled his son a "druggie" and said that it may be in Manziel’s best interest to end up in jail. Manziel responded by giving his dad a shoutout in an Instagram photo while on vacation in Mexico. Most recently, Manziel made news when he told TMZ that he planned to go "completely sober" starting in July – but it appears those plans have changed.

The Washington Post published a chilling, must-read breakdown of Manziel’s fall from grace, and while Manziel did not agree to be interviewed, he did provide a statement on his condition. 

Via The Washington Post: