Manziel’s new neighborhood has ‘old people everywhere’

Johnny Manziel is attempting to simplify his life by settling down into a quieter neighborhood that apparently has 'old people everywhere.'

Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been looking to improve both as a player and person this offseason, and that goal has led him from the inner city to a community that sounds like it has shuffle board tournaments and early bird specials.

Browns linebacker Paul Kruger lives in the same neighborhood that Manziel just moved to. While speaking to reporters at the Browns Foundation golf outing on Friday, Kruger described the community as the “opposite” of Manziel’s old downtown Cleveland apartment building.

“It’s about as polar opposite as you can get,” Kruger said, via Mary Kay Cabot of Northeast Ohio Media Group. “Nice, old people everywhere. If you don’t tuck in your shirt, they’ll come out and (say), ‘Hey, please.’ so, yeah, it’s pretty different. … Nice and quiet, birds chirping, it’s an awesome place. I love it out there.”

Kruger, who turned 29 in February, said he’s not sure if people in the community are nervous about someone with a party-boy reputation like Manziel’s moving in.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I mean, it’s a quiet community. You can’t make too much noise out there anyway, so I don’t know if their world’s going to be that much different.”

Remember that whole incident with Keyshawn Johnson and Justin Bieber in their upscale California community? Manziel, who is fresh out of rehab, needs to avoid making headlines like that.

While we have no idea if Manziel will be in a position to legitimately compete for the Browns’ starting quarterback job, we do know that his teammates have had nothing but good things to say about him this offseason. Time will tell if he can become a quality pro football player.


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