Report: Johnny Manziel was in Vegas nightclub wearing disguise

Now that the Cleveland Browns have solidified their front office by promoting Sashi Brown to VP of football operations and hiring Paul DePodesta as the chief strategy officer, one of the biggest questions facing them this offseason is what the team should do with their 2014 first-round pick.

Second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel experienced another turbulent year on and off the field.

Colin Cowherd had Las Vegas radio host Mitch Moss on his show Tuesday morning, who shared several candid details told to him by multiple sources. Moss said Manziel was in Las Vegas New Year’s weekend wearing a disguise to a restaurant and nightclub.


Moss said — in the video above — that Manziel wore a wig, fake mustache, glasses and a hoodie to conceal his identity.

The Browns confirmed last Sunday that Manziel never showed up and they were unable to reach him for a required exam regarding his concussion.

With wide-ranging opinions on how to deal with the former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, former NFL offensive lineman and ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth thinks the new regime should get rid of him.

"You’re the next guy’s project," Schlereth told Cowherd this week. "I hope it works out for you. I hope whatever demons you deal with that you can overcome those demons, but the bottom line is you don’t have the prototypical skillset and you only can operate when things break down.

MMQB’s Peter King’s gut feeling is that Manziel will be released and will be signed by the Dallas Cowboys.

"At some point you have to ask yourself, if we can’t trust our starting QB the most important person in the organization….," King said. "You can’t go to bed every Friday or Saturday night during the season wondering if there will be a debacle overnight with your starting QB."