Johnathan Cyprien is Having Best Year as Jacksonville Jaguar

The former second round pick hasn’t always lived up to his early draft position. However halfway through his fourth year Johnathan Cyprien is quietly playing at a high level.

Early in his career missed tackles have been a problem and at times have led to opponents having explosive plays. Struggling with inconsistency his first few years in the league Cyprien seemed unable to fill the role of enforcer in Gus Bradley’s defense.

Entering the final year on his rookie contract with the team it felt as though it was a “show me what you got” scenario for Cyprien in order to prove he belongs on a largely upgraded defense.

Halfway way through the 2016 season it seems Cyprien has put those miscues behind him. This season his unreliable  play has begun to change. Currently he is tied with Telvin Smith for second on the Jaguars defense with 65 tackles. This puts him on pace for 120 plus tackles this season which would give him a career high. It feels like he is finally getting comfortable on defense.

One negative with Cyprien’s play is that he still faces an inability to consistently create turnovers.  So far in his first three years they have come few and far between; in his career he has only forced 4 turnovers (2 interceptions and 2 fumbles). Has Cyprien shown enough consistent play that he is reliable to sign to a long term contract going forward?

Entering the last eight games of the season Cyprien’s improved play will make the decision harder for the General Manager David Caldwell on whether to keep him or let him move  on to another team. Going forward its unsure what the Jags GM will do when he hits free agency later this year.  One thing is certain however this situation ends up its nice to see Cyprien playing well.

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