Elway: Tebow took Peyton news with class

Broncos executive John Elway says Tim Tebow was disappointed but very positive when they talked about Denver’s plans to sign Peyton Manning.

Speaking Tuesday at a news conference to introduce the 11-time Pro Bowl selection as the newest Bronco, Elway said Tebow’s response was typical of the exciting young quarterback.

Elway said Tebow was ”very positive. He’s like, ‘We’re talking about Peyton Manning. I understand what you’re doing.”’

Tebow turned Denver around last season but misfired on passes and was often more effective as a runner. Manning is one the best QBs in league history and won a Super Bowl in 2007.

Elway didn’t say exactly what will happen to Tebow but, ”It would be our goal for us to get (Tebow) in the best situation possible.”