Quenneville fits epic rant, podium storm-off into 14 glorious seconds

The Chicago Blackhawks failed to score a goal on Tuesday night, losing at home to the San Jose Sharks, 2-0. But that’s not the way Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville saw it.

No, he thought Chicago scored alright — at 17:23 of the first period, to be exact. But Brandon Mashinter’s goal was disallowed after the Sharks challenged, and after the game, Quenneville went on a 14-second rant about the “interpretation” of what is a goal before storming off.

It’s brief, but worth every one of those 14 seconds. Enjoy:

In case you missed it, here is the entire transcript:

"Yeah, it’s gotten to a different level. I don’t know the rules anymore or something’s changed because my understanding — played a lot of hockey — that I don’t know. I think everybody has an interpretation of what’s a goal and what’s a bad goal, but I can’t believe it."

The goal was taken away after the referee determined that Chicago’s Dennis Rasmussen interfered with San Jose goalie Martin Jones before the puck crossed the line. Quenneville obviously didn’t see it that way, but here is the NHL’s explanation, per NHL.com.

Quenneville’s anger is actually understandable when you consider recent history. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, it was the second time in three games and third time in less than a month the Blackhawks saw a goal taken off the board after replay.

And on Tuesday, it was particularly huge considering the Sharks did not score that second goal until only 1:42 remained and the net was empty.

And Chicago players had their coach’s back.

“The league wants to get more goals, but it seems like the rule is doing a good job of taking good goals away,” Marian Hossa told media after the game. “Last year, definitely, that would be a goal. No questions asked.”

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