NFL’s strongest arm belongs to …

Pitchers have speed guns. Runners have stopwatches. But how do you measure who has the strongest arm in the NFL? How about two pieces of anatomy? Specifically, fingers and Jaws.

For Ravens tight end Ed Dickson, there’s no doubt who has the strongest arm in football — and he has to be ready for it on every throw.

“You’ve always got to make sure you have your hands at the right angles. If you don’t, you’re definitely going to break your fingers dealing with (Ravens QB) Joe (Flacco)," Dickson told The Baltimore Sun.

And Flacco is pretty accurate, too.



Clearly Dickson is going to have a biased opinion. He’s a couple of months from getting a very expensive ring thanks in large part to Flacco. But another big-armed QB in his day with no dog in the race — and quite a reputation as a top-notch QB evaluator — seconded Dickson.

“I believe (Flacco) does have the strongest arm in the NFL," Ron Jaworski said. “Maybe on a good day, (the Packers’) Aaron Rodgers can get to Flacco. (The Lions’) Matthew Stafford has a big-time arm. (The Eagles’) Michael Vick can really spin it.”

And this strong arm is nothing new. Look what he did at a skills contest in college, and look at some of the names he out-threw.


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