J.J. Watt dressed in ridiculous Penn State get-up after losing bet to Devon Still

Turned down for Watt.
Matthew Emmons/Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt had a lot riding on the Penn State – Wisconsin game last Saturday.

Not only is Watt a former Badger, but his brother T.J. is also a linebacker on the Wisconsin team.

So when Penn State defeated Wisconsin 38-31 to take the Big Ten title, it must have taken quite a big slice of humble pie for Watt to honor his bet with Penn State alum Devon Still and put on this awesomely ridiculous get-up:

Watt kind of looks like a superhero/jester in this skin-tight outfit. Which also beats the Wisconsin gear Watt had chosen for Still to wear had the game gone the Badgers' way instead:

Despite the stern look on his face, Watt maintained his humor about it, and congratulated Penn State on their Rose Bowl berth:

Talk about a good sport.