Jets well prepared to smother Vikings

Moss is in Minnesota, but does it matter?

Do we have a changing of the guard in Washington, Miami and Cleveland?

And you know who the best player in football is, right?

You know the game of boom or bust, and we play it SCHEIN 9 style.

1. Randy Moss, Brett Favre and the Vikings break out against the Jets

The rightful euphoria in Minnesota over the Randy Moss acquisition will come to a crashing stop on Monday night when the Vikings visit the New York Jets. This is a major bust.

Rex Ryan’s defense will bottle up and frustrate the Vikings offense. For all of the hoopla surrounding Moss’ return to the Twin Cities, the Jets, who already boast a great defense, are getting back two stars on Monday night. Darrelle Revis is the best pure cornerback in the NFL. Moss didn’t have any real success last year against him, locked down on Revis Island. Moss did have a majestic one-handed touchdown on a bomb against Revis in Week 2, but Revis clearly wasn’t in game shape after a long holdout and pulled up lame on the play with a bad hamstring. And Revis hasn’t played a down since. Sure, Moss will be focused and motivated for his 2010 Vikings debut, excited to show Bill Belichick what he traded away. But Revis is finally healthy and ready.

And Rex Ryan blitzes getting off of the bus. Favre has played in 2010 like a grandpa coming off of ankle surgery who missed all of training camp — all facts by the way. The Vikes offensive line hasn’t been consistent this year, a lethal combination with Favre’s knack for the ill-advised pass. Calvin Pace is the best pure pass rusher on the Jets. He makes his 2010 debut on Monday night after getting injured in the preseason. Frankly, the Jets pass rush has been lacking without him. A healthy Pace, in conjunction with a reborn Jason Taylor, a focused Bryan Thomas and Rex’s scheme will equal a ton of pressure directed at the aging quarterback.

Teams go into a game against the Vikings fearful of Adrian Peterson. But not the Jets, who boast an incredible run defense. Sure, Peterson is a star, but look at what the Jets have done against Ray Rice, the Miami Dolphins and the Bills’ talented backs. David Harris is a flat-out star that doesn’t get the proper pub as a rare quiet Jet in a sea of loud mouths. As Shaun Ellis told us on Sirius NFL Radio on Tuesday, “David Harris is as important to our defense as Revis.” I would agree. And the defensive line has been fantastic in the absence of Kris Jenkins, done for the season. For the second straight year, Sione Pouha has stepped in and the Jets haven’t lost anything.

Moss coming back to the Vikes grabs the headlines. Revis and Pace coming back to the Jets defense will help steal them.

2. The Patriots will win the AFC East

This is a bust. It’s the Jets. It always has been the Jets, who boast a better defense, running attack, offensive line, and now, receiver corps.

As John Madden told us on Madden Football on Sirius NFL Radio, "The Patriots are not the same offense without Randy Moss.” It’s not even close. There are a lot of New England spin doctors out there. This deal does not help the 2010 Pats.

3. Clinton Portis is done in D.C.

Both literally and figuratively this is a boom. Portis will miss at least four games with a groin injury. This gives Ryan Torain, a Mike Shanahan favorite from Denver, a great opportunity to usurp him on a permanent basis. When I talked to Torian this week on Sirius NFL Radio, he said he was more than ready to be Shanahan’s bell-cow back. His physical, cut-and-go style makes him ideal for Shanahan.

And I was surprised that Portis even made it this far with Shanahan, who once shipped him out of Denver. Portis is no longer the same player and says goofy things that infuriate everyone. It’s time to cut the cord on Portis, forever.

4. Seneca Wallace should start at QB for Cleveland

This is an absolute boom. Jake Delhomme is clearly not 100 percent physically. Wallace did a nice job making plays with his arm and legs in the big win (the only win for Cleveland) against Cincy. Plus, he oozes leadership. Wallace is a Mike Holmgren favorite, which has to carry weight. Wallace told us on Sirius NFL Radio he wants to start but wouldn’t campaign for it.

No worries, Seneca. I’ll do it for you.

5. Chad Henne should be benched

Calm down, Dolphin fans. This is a major bust. Now I cannot defend how he played against New England. Henne was awful and guilty of poor decisions. But are we going to forget about the big wins against the Vikings or the Jets last year? Henne is a young gunslinger. He owns a cannon for an arm. Give him time. Tyler Thigpen or Chad Pennington as replacements for Chad Henne? They are not upgrades.

6. Matt Schaub will light up the Giants

In talking to Schaub on our Loud Mouths show on SNY this Thursday, the Texans star quarterback praised the Giants defense and specifically their defensive line. And the Giants are coming off of a 10-sack game against the Bears. But this is a boom.

Schaub is a great player. I don’t fully trust the Giants defense, especially the secondary against Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter and Owen Daniels.

7. Beanie Wells will finally get going this weekend

BOOM! And I say that with a “pretty please” on top as an owner of Beanie Wells in two fantasy leagues.

Wells should carve up the Saints defense, a unit giving up 140 yards per game on the ground. And with Max Hall now the quarterback for the Cardinals, you know that Ken Whisenhunt is going to feature the run.

It’s been an interesting season for Wells. He didn’t play the first two weeks after a clandestine clean-up surgery. Then he was barely used last week in San Diego. And then when asked about the ‘Zona quarterback situation, he said he didn’t care and was more interested in his carries. Probably not smart to go public with the beef, but Beanie is right. I expect him to shine this weekend.

8. The Saints are hung over from the Super Bowl

Please stop the insanity. This is a bust. Sure, the offense hasn’t had the pop and sizzle. But according to Lance Moore, that’s inevitable. New Orleans isn’t resting on its laurels. They are 3-1! And they’ve had to deal with both running backs, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush, on the sideline with injuries. Perspective please, Saints fans.

9. Kyle Orton is the MVP through Week 4

In theory, naming an MVP through a quarter of the season is a weak exercise. But I am one of the 50 voters for the award. I take it pretty seriously. I carry a short list with me everywhere I go. With all due respect to Arian Foster and Peyton Manning, this is a boom. Orton leads the league in yards. Denver can’t run a lick. Brandon Marshall is a distant memory. And he does it all with Tim Tebow lurking over his shoulder. Pretty amazing.