Jets simply don’t believe in reality of situation at quarterback

The New York Jets simply don’t believe in reality as they continue to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as their best option to win under center. Thinking like this, they will continue to lose more football games.

The definition if insanity is to do the exact same thing over and over again while expecting different results. We might as well call the New York Jets insane since for whatever reason, they continue to believe quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick gives them the best chances to win more football games this season.

In case you didn’t know, these are the same Jets that are 3-5 so far this season. The same Jets that have a quarterback in Fitzpatrick that leads the NFL in interceptions at 13. The very same Jets team that would rather start Fitzpatrick yet again this week against the Los Angeles Rams who is dealing with a knee injury.

The truth of the matter is, the Jets don’t believe in their reality of the situation at quarterback. Fitzpatrick got paid like he was a franchise quarterback for the Jets but is easily the worst quarterback in the league. He doesn’t have any arm strength whatsoever, is injured, and is one of the main reasons why the Jets can’t score touchdowns.

How many times do we have to see the Jets settle for a field goal in 1st and goal situations? Or see Fitzpatrick overthrow yet another receiving target? What about continuing to see Fitzpatrick looking lost and confused on the football field after another three and out?

If the Jets were smart, they’d stop forcing Fitzpatrick on us all and make the right football decision. If Fitzpatrick was on any other team, he would have been benched weeks ago. Most other teams would have either started one of their other quarterbacks or find someone that can come in and give the Jets better play at the most important position on the team.

Overall, it probably won’t be until the Jets are mathematically eliminated from the NFL Playoffs before they permanently bench Fitzpatrick once and for all. They shouldn’t have brought him back in the first place but now they must suffer the consequences of their actions. Hopefully, once they give quarterback Bryce Petty the nod to finally start, Jets Nation will have something to look forward to over the next couple of years for his continued development.

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