Jets should start coaching up other cornerbacks

With poor play from New York Jets veteran cornerback, Darrelle Revis, the team should start coaching up their upcoming talents.

The New York Jets have had an abysmal performance from their defensive secondary this season due to injuries to up-in-coming players and poor play from Darrelle Revis. Because of this, it’s time to start planning to coach up those up and coming players in the offseason.

While a lot of fans want them to look for talent in the free agency or the draft, I don’t think so. They just got a cornerback in the draft last year, so they should build on him. Also, there are two other defensive backs on the roster who deserve attention. Those two players are three-year player, Marcus Williams, and six-year player, Buster Skrine. These guys have been working their tail off throughout their careers, and they should definitely get the attention they deserve.

Skrine has definitely worked incredibly hard in this career. During his time with the Cleveland Browns, he tallied up six interceptions, 267 tackles, and a sack. However, he only has two interceptions with the Jets.

This may be because he isn’t getting the attention he deserves from the coaching staff in the offseason, or in practice. They should take the time to teach him what he needs to know in order to succeed in the type of defense they run.

Williams, on the other hand, is still pretty young. Also, he’s actually played well during his time in New York. He’s gotten nine interceptions, 70 tackles, and 1.5 sacks.

Unfortunately, he sprained his ankle this season and has been out since Week 9. They should toughen hm up during the offseason so this wouldn’t happen again. He’s way too valuable to be hurt the whole season.

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Overall, we do not need new defensive backs with no NFL experience. Instead, we need to build upon our current players, and not abandon them for a few mistakes.

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