Jets should part ways with Darrelle Revis in 2017

The New York Jets have been a complete disaster this season as their defensive secondary continues to get torched. It’s time they parted ways with aging cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The days of Darrelle Revis being elite are over. The aging cornerback has gotten burned in literally every game this season with the New York Jets. It’s to the point where Revis doesn’t even give full effort every single time he’s on the football field. The cons outweigh the pros as it’s time the Jets took a real hard look at the situation.

If the Jets were smart, they would continue their youth movement all across the team. They already have some nice young players ready to make a name for themselves but continuing to start Revis will hinder their progress. Even Revis himself has said that he’s “getting old” as the game continues to get faster around him.

In an article written by Nick Shook of, here is what Revis said about his overall performance so far this season:

“You have bumps in the road,” he said. “Are you going to see a one catch for one-yard game? Probably not. I was 23, 24 years old then,” he said, in reference to his performance against Indianapolis’ Reggie Wayne in the 2010 playoffs. “That’s just not where it’s at. Can I execute better and do things better? That’s going to come. That’s definitely going to come down the road.”

At the end of the day, Revis hasn’t lived up to his potential and has often lacked that hustle, passion, and ability to finish the job. Too many times this season, he hasn’t chased down opponents holding the football and has set a bad example for his teammates.

Whether Revis realizes that his best days are behind him or due to how bad this season has been with the defense of the Jets, the time has come for them to part ways with Revis. Even though last year they gave him a five-year/$39M dollar deal, there is no way the Jets can continue starting him with his obvious decline in play after this season is in the books.

It’s doubtful Revis would want a pay cut due to his history of wanting premium money for his services. While it would make sense for Revis to make the transition to safety, there is no guarantee he could even perform well in such a new role. It’s best the Jets take the salary cap hit in 2017 and move forward in a makeover of their defensive secondary, especially at cornerback.

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