Jets should not part ways with Todd Bowles anytime soon

As the New York Jets earned their third victory, it’s important they don’t part ways with head coach Todd Bowles no matter what the final record is.

To build a successful culture takes time, patience, and everyone to buy into one clear message. Head coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets impressed in his rookie season as he took the Jets to a 10-6 record. If it wasn’t for the meltdown of the Jets against the Buffalo Bills in the final game of 2015, Bowles would have had an appearance in the NFL Playoffs to add to an impressive first year.

Expectations were high in 2016 but unfortunately for Bowles and his Jets, this team doesn’t even resemble anything of last year. Their defense is atrocious, the offense can’t get into any consistent rhythm, and it clearly shows in their current 3-5 record.

Jets Nation has been getting restless in the grand scheme of things since this season is already looking like a lost year. The first half of Sunday’s win over the Cleveland Browns was just the normalcy of what has been evident all season long.

While key adjustments were made for the second half, this game could have gotten out of hand quickly for the Jets to the worst team in the NFL. Bowles has made his fair mistakes but considering he’s only in his sophomore year with the Jets, it wouldn’t make sense to part ways with him anytime soon.

Bowles is exactly what the Jets need and although he’s not perfect, is going to put this team in a position to win plenty of football games in the future. With clear areas of opportunity at quarterback, defensive secondary, and on the offensive line, once Bowles gets the missing pieces needed, he should be able to make the Jets consistent contenders.

It’s important to remember just like a new player entering the NFL for the first time, they don’t reach their peak and true potential until their third year. The same could be said for new head coaches that are embracing the position for the first time.

Bowles has the leadership and ability to lead this team efficiently but again, there is only so much a head coach can do if the talent simply isn’t there. Especially for a team without an established franchise quarterback under center ready to consistently deliver.

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