Jets should move Ryan Fitzpatrick into backup role

Despite the New York Jets rightfully beating the Cleveland Browns in Week 8, they should move quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick into a backup role immediately.

If you saw the first half of the New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns game, you undoubtedly saw yet another lackluster offensive performance. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick did redeem himself in the second half but at the end of the day, he still doesn’t have what it takes to be consistent. While winning does fix everything, the truth of the matter is Fitzpatrick isn’t an effective starter anymore.

Fitzpatrick doesn’t have the arm strength or the proper decision-making to get the job done anymore. If he struggled against the abysmal defense of the Browns, imagine what will happen when he faces the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, or even the Miami Dolphins?

At the end of the day, it’s time the Jets fully understand that after this season, Fitzpatrick will be so gone from this franchise, it’s not even funny. From his offensive post-game comments last week after beating the Baltimore Ravens, to his terrible start this week against the Browns, it’s time the Jets turn to a new chapter of the franchise.

It’s not recommended to simply cut Fitzpatrick, but rather, use him for what he’s worth. He’s a veteran backup that can help coach, train, and mentor the young quarterbacks around him for bright futures. It’s time the Jets understand that quarterback Bryce Petty should be starting to ultimately see what he’s made of.

Thinking further down the road, the Jets will have a whole new situation at quarterback next season. Quarterback Geno Smith has more than likely played his last game with the Jets and it’s highly doubtful they will bring back Fitzpatrick again in 2017.

It’s best the Jets move Fitzpatrick into a backup role now, have Petty start, and see what he can muster to save a lost season. Yes, the Jets are now 3-5 and they are simply too bad to make this season worth remembering. It’s not to say they should tank the season, but rather, see what Petty can do and have Fitzpatrick mentor him up from the sideline while he’s still under contract.

Overall, it’s the only way to see what the Jets truly have in Petty by starting him in games that actually matter. Plus most importantly, having regular season game film for him to use for his continued development. It’s a bold move but for an organization that has yet to produce a consistent and young franchise quarterback to build around. Perhaps Petty can finally be it, otherwise, it will be the case of the “Same Old Jets” for more generations to come. Petty surely can’t do any worse than Fitzpatrick and should be able to get valuable reps in now.

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