Jets should consider starting Christian Hackenberg in 2016

The New York Jets have been a disaster this season and have far more problems than just quarterback. They should consider giving Christian Hackenberg a start or two this season.

Make no mistake about it, this season for the New York Jets is pretty much over. There won’t be any miracles happening where they will magically make the NFL Playoffs. All the Jets can hope for is to get as much playing time in for developmental players that will hopefully make a difference in the future.

The Jets should continue starting quarterback Bryce Petty as he has the skill-set to lead this team in the future. Sure, the sample size is small now but for a team that hasn’t really developed a true franchise quarterback, he can be what the Jets need.

Quarterback Christian Hackenberg is still pretty raw and has a long way to go. He’s had more than half the season so far being able to learn from the sideline, however. If the Jets were smart, they’d give Hackenberg at least a game or two starting to see how he’s progressed.

This isn’t like throwing him out to the wolves in Week 1 of the regular season, but rather, giving him some much-needed experience to grow. Hackenberg should be more than capable of being a backup for Petty next season but needs to be ready for the real thing. Preseason football is one thing but the regular season is a completely different beast.

The Jets have nothing to lose in seeing what they have not only in Petty but Hackenberg as well. It’s all about coaching, mentoring, and training since the Jets won’t be playing for anything more than an early draft pick at this point in time.

Hopefully if the Jets are wise, they will give Hackenberg a start to see what he’s learned up to this point. Not only would it help the Jets see what they could possibly have for the future and well, give fans something to look forward to come game day.

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