Jets shake up their coaching staff in response to 5-11 season

The New York Jets decided to stick with Todd Bowles as head coach after a 5-11 season that included questions about both his decision-making and his control of the locker room. But the assistants around him aren’t getting the same benefit of the doubt.

Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey — long regarded as one of the better offensive minds in the league — is retiring at age 64, and five position coaches were let go, according to the team.

Gailey had informed Bowles of his plans before the season, but the other losses likely are a direct result of a disastrous 2016 coming off of a 10-6 record in Bowles’ first year with the Jets.

Kevin Patullo (quarterbacks), Marcel Shipp (running backs), Pepper Johnson (defensive line), Mark Collins (linebackers) and Joe Danna (defensive backs) were dismissed after a season that never got off the ground following a 1-5 start.

Gailey issued a statement about his decision:

“I informed Coach Bowles prior to the 2016 season that I would retire after this season. I thought it was best to tell him early, so that he could begin to think about how he would move the team forward on offense. While we did not have the season we all wanted to have, I think there are some great people here at the Jets and in the New York/New Jersey area. I wish them all the best moving forward.”