Jets’ Ryan signs name to Super Bowl guarantee

Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl guarantee is now in writing.

The New York Jets coach was asked to sign his team’s logo

sticker on the back of ESPN’s tour bus at training camp Thursday, a

few hours after Joe Namath watched practice. Instead of just

signing his name, the brash Ryan wrote: ”Soon to be Champs.”

”I’ve got confidence to put it up there,” Ryan said Friday

between practices. ”I don’t have to just put, ‘Go, so-and-so.’

Yeah, whatever. To me, I believe we’ll do it, so why wouldn’t we

say it? Why wouldn’t we go for it?”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who was aboard the bus, wrote in his

column on that Ryan was the first this summer to write

anything other than their name.

That is, until Friday, when the bus stopped at New England

Patriots camp and wide receiver Wes Welker wrote his name with this

message, according to a tweet by Schefter: ”One Game At A


”I’m not apologizing,” Ryan said. ”I just know what’s going

to happen. My crystal ball, I’m seeing a Super Bowl trophy in

there. Now, I could be wrong, but that’s what I see. But everytime

I go to work, that’s what I look at.”

Ryan has said many times that the Jets are a Super Bowl-caliber

team, and has irritated some fans, opposing players and media with

his bold, sometimes-outrageous comments.

”I don’t care if people don’t like it or whatever: ‘Oh, just

shut up and win something,”’ he said. ”I’ve won a lot more than

that person writing it, I can promise you. And, I’ve been there. My

family’s been to a bunch of these things and I know how to get

there. The first step is, if you don’t believe it yourself, your

team darned sure won’t.”

Ryan is in his second year as coach of the Jets, and

expectations are high after leading them to the playoffs last

season. Even Namath said that talk of this year’s team going all

the way is ”justified” because of the overall talent. Namath, who

led the franchise to its only title in 1969, added that this year’s

team is ”the most legitimate contender we’ve had.”

”I’m not embarrassed to say that I believe that will happen,”

Ryan said. ”The great thing is we get to prove it soon. That’s the

beauty of it.”

The Jets’ preseason opener is Aug. 16 against the Giants at the

New Meadowlands Stadium, and they open the regular season at home

against Baltimore on Sept. 13.