Jets’ Ryan lobbying for Revis as NFL Defensive POY

Rex Ryan hit the campaign trail with a new slogan: Vote Revis


The New York Jets coach lobbied hard Thursday for cornerback

Darrelle Revis to win the NFL’s Defensive Player of the year award

during his daily news conference, glowing about his dominant


“I went back and looked and I was going to be subtle about

this, but if he’s not the NFL Defensive Player of the Year,

something is wrong with the system,” Ryan said. “Nobody, and I

mean nobody, in maybe the history of the game has had the

challenges that he’s faced week in and week out.”

Revis, who has six interceptions and an NFL-leading 30 passes

defensed in his third season, has routinely shut down opposing

teams’ top receivers such as New England’s Randy Moss, Buffalo’s

Terrell Owens, Carolina’s Steve Smith and Houston’s Andre


“Look at the fact that he’s out there on an island one-on-one

and teams still can’t throw that way,” Ryan said. “If they do,

it’s a mistake. It’s amazing. He deserves it, and he’s on the No. 1

defense in the league.”

Green Bay’s Charles Woodson, New Orleans’ Darren Sharper and

Denver’s Elvis Dumervil are thought to be among Revis’ main

competition for the honor, which is awarded by The Associated Press

and selected by a nationwide media panel. Only four cornerbacks

have won it since 1973, and none since San Francisco’s Deion

Sanders in 1994.

Ryan was reminded that Woodson, in particular, is also having an

exceptional year with eight interceptions and two sacks.

“Yes, but Charles can’t go out on a corner like this guy can,”

he said. “He can move inside and he can blitz. Revis would be a

great blitzer, but I’ve got the best cover guy in America sitting

over here, so he’s going to be covering. He’s not blitzing.”

Ryan coached Ray Lewis and Ed Reed in Baltimore when they won

the award.

“Of course, those guys deserve those awards, but I don’t think

those guys even had the impact that Darrelle Revis has had on this

football team,” Ryan said. “I think that’s why, I’ll get off my

soapbox, he’s earned that award. It’s not right on my part to stand

up here and not maybe try to sell that to the public. He’s earned


When Ryan took over as coach in January, he called Revis the

best cornerback in the league. Revis has certainly lived up to the

hype, holding Moss to nine catches for 58 yards and a touchdown in

two games, Owens to six receptions for 44 yards and no scores in

two games, and Smith to one pass for 5 yards. Johnson, among the

league leaders with 81 receptions, had just four for 35 yards

against Revis in Week 1.

“I guess he can get beat, but I’ll take my chances,” Ryan

said. “If there’s one guy that I want to cover somebody, with my

paycheck on it, I want it to be Darrelle Revis. Period.”