Jets rank No. 175 in FanSided’s Fandom 250

The New York Jets officially ranked No. 175 in FanSided’s Fandom 250 list and rightfully so. Their fandom is one of the most loyal in all of sports in the grand scheme of things.

Forget about 2016 just for a brief moment. Close your eyes and remember the good times when it comes to being a fan of the New York Jets. Do you remember the Monday Night Miracle? Were you fortunate enough to see Broadway Joe Namath guarantee a win in Super Bowl III? Did you enjoy when Bill Parcells was roaming on the sidelines making sure his players gave 120 percent on every single play?

These are just a few of the incredible memories that the Jets have given us. When FanSided officially announced their Fandom 250, it was hard to figure out just where the Jets would rank. To see them land at No. 175 is pretty accurate since they ranked higher than the New York Giants, it’s completely on point.

Yes, the Giants have more championships than the Jets but again, put yourself in the shoes of a Jets fan. The amount of heartache, frustration, and just overall anger gets blood boiling but you know what the constant thing is? We never stop rooting for our beloved team no matter what.

Jets fans don’t give up or just stop their loyalty completely. Since this current season is a lost one, one thing to consider is time. The golden rule is that time heals all as Jets Nation, one of the best fandoms in the world of professional sports, will be ready for next season. Then the season after that and so on.

Jets fans come from all over the world and know that one day, all of this would be worth it. Similar to how the Chicago Cubs felt this year when they finally won the World Series, it will be such jubilation when it eventually happens to the Jets. It will indeed happen one of these days and that’s the hope that keeps fans cheering and supporting the Jets.

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Overall, FanSided’s Fandom 250 did a great job ranking the Jets where they did. We love our team and through good times and bad, we will still be loud, crazy, and scream to the top of our lungs at every great moment we are a part of.

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