Jets need a new offensive coordinator in 2017

With a major youth movement on the horizon, the New York Jets would be wise in acquiring a new offensive coordinator in 2017 for it to all come together.

2016 will forever be known as one massive disappointment in the history of the New York Jets. With such high hopes based on what the football world saw last year, the Jets are on the outside looking in and trying to muster up a few more wins in a lost season.

Make no mistake about it, their current 3-7 record isn’t solely on their offense but in a league that is dominated by high-octane passing attacks, it has a big chunk of the blame. If you can’t score touchdowns, you won’t be able to keep up with the opposition. Especially when the majority of the time, they’re young, fast, and have a solid offensive coordinator running the show.

Chan Gailey was once heralded as a smart offensive coordinator, capable of getting the most out of his offense based on the strengths of each player. This season, however, he’s called more bone-headed plays than one can imagine. It’s hard to envision why he would call draw plays on 3rd and long situations or pass it in 1st and goal situations.

The Jets are built to run the football well as it’s hard to imagine why on Earth Gailey wouldn’t simply pound the rock in when they’re just a few yards away from a touchdown. Regardless, the Jets need to start an extreme makeover on offense and it all starts with Gailey.

It’s time the Jets begin a major youth movement starting next year. It’s no secret that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is as good as gone next season and hopefully, Bryce Petty is the next man up to lead this offense. The Jets shouldn’t waste their time on any injury-prone veteran quarterbacks with hopes of them being the answer they need.

Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, or even Philip Rivers aren’t the answer for this team as they’d just be band-aids and regress the young quarterbacks the Jets drafted. The Jets need to start Petty (or Christian Hackenberg if he’s the better option), stock up on young wide receivers/tight ends/offensive lineman and bring in an offensive coordinator that can really push the envelope.

Someone who can utilize speed, aggression, and keep things balanced for the sake of keeping those chains moving. An offensive coordinator that uses common sense to deliver consistent results in the heat of battle on the gridiron. Unfortunately, Gailey isn’t the answer anymore and shouldn’t be calling offensive plays for the Jets again after this season is officially over.

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