Jets must accept reality to move past struggles

In order for the New York Jets to truly embrace the situation they’re in so far this season, they must accept reality to move past struggles.

The New York Jets are currently 3-7 and in the last place of the AFC East. Needless to say, this team won’t be making the NFL Playoffs this season since they’re playing inconsistent and embarrassing football.

Yet for some reason, this team continues to live in a fantasy world. Yes, it’s always good to be positive and hope for the best but the truth of the matter is, the Jets aren’t really truthful with themselves. While it’s good to keep certain things in-house, they need to accept the reality of what is really going on.

Fans are fed up, players are frustrated, and it’s so bad, even the NFL had to move the primetime game of the Jets next week against the New England Patriots out of Sunday Night Football. Instead of simply accepting the fact that they’re pretty terrible, they continue to make some pretty dumb decisions.

For the Jets to even consider starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is ridiculous at this point. He’s terrible and is barely worth a backup spot in the NFL. The Jets should have started any of their other quarterbacks weeks ago and when they did, it was too late in the season.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis should have either been benched weeks ago or moved to safety. The fact that they continue to give him starting reps when he doesn’t even give full effort is inexcusable.

All the Jets need to do is simply keep things real. It’s a trait that everyone can understand, respect, and relate with. Stop with the comical or amusing social media posts and give a down to earth assessment that wheels are in motion for a brighter future. This season is pretty much over and there isn’t much to smile about these days when it comes to the Jets.

Give fans a real press conference that addresses all these concerns and not sugarcoating a single thing. Especially about players that are getting paid millions of dollars to not even do the basics of professional football. It’s a slap in the face to the sport we all love and if any player “checks out” for the season, they should be benched immediately. Until they accept reality and address their issues with fans that have loved this franchise since the start, they will continue to be the same old Jets.

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