Jets likely to return to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 12

As the New York Jets return from their bye week, all eyes will be on the decision of head coach Todd Bowles as to who will be his starting quarterback. It’s more than likely going to be Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Ah yes, Week 12 is almost upon us and is one of the best times of the year. Besides Thanksgiving football and enjoying colder weather depending on where you live, it’s when football starts to heat up. For the New York Jets, a team that is more than likely not making the NFL Playoffs in 2016, they have a tough decision to make at quarterback.

On one side of the coin, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has had about two weeks to heal up from his knee injury. He’s been a disaster under center for Gang Green with his inability to hit receiving options in stride and of course, turning the football over. Turning back to Fitzpatrick after he continues to look lost and defeated on the gridiron would be a mistake.

The problem is, head coach Todd Bowles is an old school kind of guy. He believes that Fitzpatrick, with his veteran experience and being a leader in the locker room, would give the Jets a better chance at winning this week. After all, the Jets are facing the red-hot New England Patriots at home. One would figure, as usual, you put the best players in that will help you win the game.

On the other side of the coin, quarterback Bryce Petty would be a welcomed change to an abysmal season. He symbolizes hope and has a better skill-set to get the job done. One would believe a younger quarterback that has more power and accuracy to his passing game could provide a much-needed spark.

Remember, these Jets have lost the past two games and are on the outside looking in. Bowles knows that if he sticks with Fitzpatrick from here on out, it would, on paper, give the Jets a better chance to end the season on a positive note. It would be against the popularity of switching to a younger quarterback but doing so, might be perceived as him giving up on a lost season and focusing on the future.

Fans might not agree with it but knowing how Bowles handles these kinds of situations, expect to see him likely return to Fitzpatrick under center. It’s his decision to make and well, a veteran against a top opponent might be a better outcome than throwing in a quarterback that might not be ready to handle such a tough situation.

Either way, a decision will be made soon and well, there isn’t much to get excited for regardless. The Jets have zero chance of beating the Patriots as it’s so bad, the NFL removed their primetime game in favor of another. Mainly because the onslaught that awaits the Jets at the hands of a familiar villain will be too much to handle in front of a national audience.

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