Jets LB Scott set tone for AFC title game early on

Fired-up Jets linebacker Bart Scott set the tone early in the

buildup to Sunday’s AFC championship game against the Steelers.

”Can’t Wait!” the never-shy Scott shouted into an ESPN

microphone when told `Congratulations, see you in Pittsburgh’ after

New York’s 28-21 victory over the New England Patriots last


The win sent the Jets into the AFC title game for the second

year in a row, and the ”can’t wait” theme was back in vogue

Thursday at the Jets’ training facility. The one-minute emotionally

charged interview is a YouTube sensation, with over 350,000 hits so


Rex Ryan opened his news conference saying he knows everybody

”CAN’T WAIT” for what’s usually a boring injury report. Laughter

followed, and the coach went on to call the video a `classic.”

In it, Scott sounds off on all Jets ”nonbelievers” and called

the win over the Patriots ”poetic justice.”

”It’s kind of funny. I saw it the other day. It’s a classic, no

question about it,” Ryan said, noting he was impressed with the

way Scott managed to turn palms up while imitating a jet landing as

he approached the interviewer.

Scott’s take?

”I’m not really savvy on the technical tips,” he said. ”My

wife has teased me a lot. She uses that in case I ever get mad at

her or something. She says she’ll get me locked up; she’ll use that

video as a reference.”

Scott, who came to the Jets from the Ravens just after Ryan was

hired from Baltimore two years ago, wasn’t angry at anyone

Thursday. But he’s charged up for his third straight AFC title game

and a chance to play in his first Super Bowl.

He lost out when the Steelers beat the Ravens in the AFC title

game two seasons ago, and when the Colts beat the Jets last


”No team has really taken as much from me as the Pittsburgh

Steelers,” Scott said. ”Ben Roethlisberger has taken a Super Bowl

appearance from me just three years ago. I know what a tall task it

is to go into Pittsburgh and try to win. He’s experienced at it.

They are comfortable and they know how to win in these type

situations. I’ve yet to cross that threshold. Hoping that we can do

that this week.”

Scott has been taking a ribbing all week from coaches and

teammates about the interview. Asked if he’d seen it, defensive

coordinator Mike Pettine said ”only about 50 times.”

Scott is cool about it.

”It’s something funny that happened, spur of the moment,” he

said. ”I probably won’t live it down for a while. It comes with

the territory. I don’t mind it.”