Jets, Giants will flip coin for new stadium opener

It’s a toss up whether the Jets or Giants will open the new

Meadowlands Stadium.

The Jets announced on their Web site Saturday night that they

will flip a coin with the Giants to determine which team will host

the first regular-season game at their new 82,500-seat, $1.6

billion stadium this season.

Both teams have expressed to the NFL their desire to play the

opening game there. The Jets said the league will make heads or

tails of it by tossing a coin in the near future.

“We look forward to the coin toss,” Jets spokesman Bruce

Speight said.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello would not confirm a flip would occur,

saying simply that commissioner Roger Goodell determines the


“We have no announcements to make about the schedule at this

point,” Aiello added.

This year’s regular-season schedule will be announced next

month. The teams do not play each other in the regular season this

year, eliminating the possibility of both opening the stadium in

Week 1.

The Jets have shared a stadium with the Giants since they moved

from Shea Stadium for the 1984 season. The new Meadowlands Stadium

is the first constructed to serve as the home of two NFL teams, and

holds the distinction of being the largest privately financed

stadium in U.S. history.

The teams are also teaming up to try to bring the 2014 Super

Bowl to the Meadowlands. Miami and Tampa also plan to present bids

for the game. League owners will award the game at their annual

meeting in May.

If the new stadium wins out, it would set the stage for the

first cold weather Super Bowl. The NFL gave the Giants and Jets the

right to bid on the Super Bowl game in December despite the

traditional requirement that host regions have a minimum

temperature of 50 degrees or stadiums with domes or retractable


The new stadium does not have a retractable roof.

AP Sports Writer Tom Canavan in East Rutherford, N.J.,

contributed to this report.